Music, Yoga, Mindfulness for Kindergartens, Childcare Centres and Schools

$10 per child, $300 group

The program Introduces the foundations of yoga to parents and children through fun and interactive activities.

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• Develops strong, flexible and healthy bodies
• Lengthens growing muscles & stabilises joints
• Helps develop strong, flexible backs
• Promotes spinal alignment and good posture
• Builds energy and stamina
• Sets the foundation of health for life
• Minimises and prevents injury
• Improves body awareness and coordination
• Improves internal physical function – organs, digestion, elimination, circulation, and blood flow.
• Helps breathing and lung capacity
• Teaches the enjoyment of movement
• Works the ‘whole’ body
• Leads to feeling comfortable with their unique body
• Healthy minds
• Cultivates confidence and self-esteem
• Develops concentration and attention
• Clears the mind for better clarity and decision making
• Helps relax and sleep better
• Calms the nervous system
• Learns to cope with stressful situations
• Balances emotions
• Healthy spirits
• Fosters creativity, expression and imagination
• Cultivates kindness to themselves and others
• Cultivates respect for self and others
• Builds balance and inner quiet
• Builds inner strength and resilience
• Teaches self-awareness
• Focuses on positive self-talk
• Lets them know they are perfect beings just the way they are

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Schools, Childcare Centres and Kindergartens

Per child, Groups

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Saturday, Wednesday

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$10 per child, $300 group

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